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Why is customer service so important?

22 Jun 2020

Execptional Customer Service is essential to long-term business success, here’s why it’s so important

Keeping existing customers happy and delivering a high level of customer service is essential. And, given the current crisis, it is arguably more important than ever before. Although consumers accept that many businesses are not running as usual, the same level of customer experience is still expected.

Here are 5 key reasons why businesses should be investing more time into ensuring that high levels of customer service are maintained:


Brand awareness

First impressions count. If you want to make a great first impression and maintain a solid reputation, ensuring high quality customer service is a necessity. Consumers build up an idea of what businesses represent through their website, marketing materials, online reviews and customer service experience. Having the relevant customer service skills and processes in place to maintain consistent high levels of customer satisfaction, ensures you’re always representing your brand in the right way. 

Retain customers 

Research shows that it costs around five times more to acquire a new customer compared to an existing customer. Which makes sense when marketing costs and sales staff salaries are taken into account. Focusing on providing impeccable customer service to retain your existing customers, alongside bringing in new business, is the perfect combination for success. 


A happy customer is a loyal customer, and loyal customers will share their positive business experiences with their family and friends, leading to an increase in sales and revenue. According to, 83% of customers are willing to refer a business after a positive experience. Consumers are more likely to listen to the advice of friends or family when making a purchase or selecting a supplier – having the ability to build trust with potential customers through word of mouth referrals is priceless.

Added value

Listening to your customers, responding quickly and efficiently to enquiries, suggesting new ideas and information without asking for anything in return all contribute to an ‘added value relationship’. Delivering excellent customer service helps increase the value of your services. Not only does this added value make it easier for customers to refer you to others but most people would be happy to pay more for the same service when it comes with great customer service. 


Our Customer Service provision can be used as a short-term temporary fix to compensate for staff on furlough, sabbatical, maternity leave, or to support teams who are struggling with an unexpected influx of enquiries. We can also provide a retained service for those companies with a longer term requirement. We provide outsourced customer service support for businesses in Basingstoke and across the world.


You can find out more about why Customer Service is so important by downloading our info-graphic here

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