Statement about Michael Lofthouse

from our Managing Director, Emma Jones:


It appears that my company, Solid8 Consulting Ltd, is being incorrectly attacked for racism and hatred.



Let me make it abundantly clear.  Michael Lofthouse is not and never has been an owner or employee of our company and we have no connection to him whatsoever.


Solid8 Consulting is a local, family-owned company based in Basingstoke, UK, and is in no way associated with a US-based company of a similar name.


We are currently receiving huge amounts of emails, calls and messages from people incorrectly accusing us of employing a racist CEO. This is a case of mistaken identity and we are in no way associated with the business in question. We do not employ a CEO; I run and own the company along with my fiancé, Josh. 


I want to be clear that we are absolutely opposed to racism in any form. Solid8 Consulting is a family run business that employs staff based on their personality and ability. We pride ourselves on our great reputation and can-do attitude.


I would like to thank all of our partners and employees for supporting us through this time. We look forward to continuing to serve the community going forward and thriving as a local, family-owned business.


Kind regards,



Solid8 provides a range of professional services to businesses on either a long term, temporary or single project basis.