Product Management

Providing clear information about what your product is, the key features and the benefits of it so that customers can make an informed choice to buy from you.

Our approach

Whether you are selling a product or a service, you will need to be advertising it somewhere.  The quality of those listings reflects on your company so it’s important to get it right every time.

Solid8’s product management service is suitable for a wide range of purposes.  It may be that you have changed your branding and want someone to go through your listings to ensure consistency across your range.  Or maybe you have a lot of products and need to make regular updates.



Managing the product content for an ecommerce site may be simple, but it is also time consuming.

What your product listings look like and the level of information available about the specifications and benefits of your product will have a big impact on whether a customer will buy or not.


While the majority of companies sell through the web, there are many who don’t, relying instead on printed literature, direct mailing and other forms of advertising.  The same principles apply in terms of needing to have content and images which accurately and concisely provide your customers with the information they need so they to want to buy from you.  We can help you deliver this consistently.


Internal Systems

Many companies have internal information about their products for use by staff.  Keeping this clear, understandable and up to date saves time, increases efficiency and helps make sure your team are fully informed about the products you provide.



PAYG – from £35.00per hour
Pre Pay – from £32.00per hour
Retained Services – from £225.00 per month (7.5hours a month)