Business Process Review

Solid8’s Business Process Review service works with businesses to build on their strengths and improve their performance.

Our approach

Reviews are a useful tool for businesses to check their work is consistently in line with expected standards, find areas which can be improved or simply get a better understanding of how work is being carried out on a daily basis.


We offer two forms of review service, depending on what you want to gain from the process.  We can provide a paper based review in which we consider your existing policies, processes and systems or a more comprehensive service which includes talking to your staff (either in person or via telephone/video conferencing) to gain a deeper insight into the day to day operation of your company.


A report will be compiled which outlines our findings – typically this would include identification of areas of good practice, areas for improvement and recommendations of how to move forward.



A review isn’t designed to catch people out or focus on the negative, it’s about identifying and building on your strengths while also recognising how you can develop into an even more effective and efficient company.


Prices for this service are POA and will depend on the type and scale of audit to be carried out.  However, some typical prices are:

On site review – £550 per day
Remote work – £65 per hour