Solid8 policy services help companies solidify the foundations upon which their business has been built.

Our approach

With nearly a decade of experience in writing policies and supporting documentation, Solid8’s policy writer will work with you to understand your needs and put the right policies and processes in place to give your company additional stability and make it clear how you want to operate.


Depending on the nature of a business, there could be a whole range of areas it may be beneficial to have a policy – whether it’s data protection, holiday and sick leave, complaints or expenses, having a document which clearly outlines the rules and expectations reassures business owners, staff and customers alike that they know precisely where they stand.


Similarly, if there are tasks that are carried out repeatedly – perhaps not always by the same person – having a process or procedure in place which can be followed keeps everything running smoothly and ensures work is completed in the same way, to the same standard, every time.


Costs for this service are POA as it will vary depending on your particular requirements.  However, below are some indicative prices:

Document based on our template library – £150
Bespoke document – £250
Hourly rate – £65