Customer Services

We can work with your customers in the post sales environment, dealing with queries, escalations, complaints, compliments, returns or whatever else may be required.

Our approach

We live in a world where the vast majority of us expect a certain standard of service level, anything below expectation could lose companies sales and profitability. As such we believe it is important to understand the standards our customers want us to adhere to as well as the needs of their customers.  In a lot of cases the crucial element in customer service is setting expectations and understanding what is desirable all the way round.


Our customer services provision fits well with those companies which don’t necessarily have the staffing capacity or the time to handle customers after sale.


Solid8 services, can be used as a short term temporary fix, to compensate for staff on sabbatical, maternity leave etc. or as part of a short term project.  We can also provide a retained service for those companies with a longer term requirement.


Depending on the types of enquiries and service required, prices typically range from £21.50 to £35 per hour.