How do I know when it’s time to outsource?

02 Nov 2020

Should I outsource staff? Is it time to consider outsourcing? 

Perhaps you’re finding yourself lost in admin tasks or drowning in a sea of inbound customer service enquiries? Or maybe your sales are down and you’re looking for ways to reduce costs. In today’s conditions businesses both small and large are looking for ways to lower operational costs and improve operational efficiency, all while maintaining high levels of service, outsourcing could be the answer. 

Outsourcing can make businesses more successful, cut costs, increase revenue and run more efficiently. If you haven’t outsourced before, now could be the time, especially if you can relate to these 6 signs that it’s time to start outsourcing.

1. You’re overworkingThere’s no getting away from the fact that, as a business owner, you’re probably taking on many responsibilities in addition to running your organisation. Wearing many hats is accepted when running your own company, but it doesn’t have to be. The more time you spend trying to be your own sales support team, HR department or customer service team the less time you’re spending on what you do best, running your business. Free up your valuable time and spend it on the things that are most important. 

2. Your budgets are getting tighter – Reducing costs is currently at the forefront of most business owners minds. Outsourcing is cheaper than employing, it’s a fact. Combine the salary with insurance costs, pension contributions, sick leave, annual leave and tax there’s no question that outsourcing to a retribute company can be a viable solution to cost-cutting both in the long and short term.

3. Your staff have more work than time – At a time where most businesses are trying to reduce costs, while maintaining the same level of operational efficiency, you may find more work being put on smaller teams. Whether it’s an influx in customer service calls or an increase in sales enquiries, rather than just trying to cope and risk providing a poor customer experience, outsourcing to experts who can get set up fast, relieving some of the pressure, can be the missing piece of the jigsaw.

4. You need access to expert knowledge – Outsourcing to an organisation who are experts in their field and have years of experience under their belt introduces your business to a pool of new talent. Passing the responsibility of certain tasks to people who can do things better makes sense – let’s all play to our strengths! 

5. You need a short-term solution during COVID-19 – Scale up or down comfortably, be flexible and agile. An outsourced company is there when you need them and can help you bridge the gap during the crisis, help with fluctuations in demand and can be brought in when needed. 

6. You’re Googling ‘is it time to outsource?’ – Finally, if you’re Googling it, it’s probably time.

During these times of uncertainty, being able to access highly skilled experts, who help you increase operational efficiency and allow you to focus on what you best, all while reducing, costs can give you the competitive edge and the helping hand you need during the crisis.


Solid8 – outsourcing

We provide outsourced customer services, sales, phone answering, admin and other professional services to businesses in Basingstoke, Hampshire, and across the UK. We can provide our expertise to companies who are looking for a short-term, temporary fix to the issues that COVID-19 is currently presenting. For more information on our long and short-term services please contact us


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